Top 10 tourist places in Vietnam

According to me, the top 10 places are
1 Once again, one of Seven Wonders of World, the place of dragon which is an awe to look at!
Halong Bay
2 Be famous as the City of Peace, a special place to visit…
Hanoi Capital
3 The Highest resort town of Vietnam, invites people to have a walk on its lands. See yourself…
Sapa Town
4 The City of the last Vietnamese dynasty, former imperial capital, a great place to visit….
5 The Ancient Town in the central of Vietnam, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site…
Hoi an
6 Next to the Hoi An Ancient Town, a beautiful beach city. Be here and enjoy the best beaches…
Da nang
7 Further to the south, with incredible beaches…
Nha Trang
8 The Cham Temples have been famous attractions for ages. They still have the same charm…
Yo Nagar Temples
9 The largest city of Vietnam…
Ho Chi Minh city
10 At the furthest point to the south west of the country, on the largest island of Vietnam, including land and sea area …
Phu Quoc National Park


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