Scenic Vietnam Honeymoon-Hoi An ancient town night

Day 1: Hanoi arrival
Arrive in Hanoi airport. Get picked up and transferred to your hotel. Today, you will have a brief meeting with your tour guide / group leader for more necessary information and travel documents before welcome dinner. Overnight in proposed hotel. (D)

Day 2: Hanoi – Ha Long
Today you will take a drive through beautiful rural scenery of North of Vietnam. Board your cruising vessel and have lunch as you cruise among thousand of dramatic limestone karsts into the breathtaking scenery of the World Natural Wonder. Visit a cave, go swimming, kayak and take part in a Vietnamese spring roll cooking demonstration or just simply relax as you wind through the Bay. Dinner and overnight on board in a very romantic night sky of Halong (B,L,D) Continue reading

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How to Make Your Online Business Stand Out on Google Search Listings after Penguin Updates?

Everyone dreams of dominating Google search listing. For getting good rankings, people try to explore the loop holes of Google so that they can manipulate the search engine. But these people start worrying when there is new animal named algorithm updates by Google like Panda and Penguin. But if you have sound SEO strategy then the updates won’t bother you much.

What is Penguin Updates?

It’s an algorithm change which aims to stop web spam and helps Google to identify those sites which are violating Google’s Quality Guidelines. This algorithm will penalize the sites who are engaged in building inbound backlinks unnaturally or paid links or from irrelevant sites.

How it actually affects?

Everyone wish to get ranking in TOP 3 position on Google. In the process to achieve desired results, prime focus is given to hyperlink the keyword. No doubt it’s good and ultimately helps to boost the keyword ranking. But if you overdo it then it looks very unnatural. Google thinks that it’s a sheer attempt to get commercial anchor text pointing at the site. If the site is getting backlinks from FFA (Free for all) sites/Low quality Backlinks/Non-related domains then also the site is penalized from Penguin updates. Continue reading

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Vietnam Visa and Customs procedures

Vietnam Visa exemptions ?
Visa to Vietnam
Citizens of ASEAN countries including: Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos: No Vietnam entry visa required to stay for less than 30 days

Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland: No Vietnam entry visa required to stay for less than 15 days Continue reading

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Top 10 tourist places in Vietnam

According to me, the top 10 places are
1 Once again, one of Seven Wonders of World, the place of dragon which is an awe to look at!
Halong Bay
2 Be famous as the City of Peace, a special place to visit…
Hanoi Capital
3 The Highest resort town of Vietnam, invites people to have a walk on its lands. See yourself…
Sapa Town
4 The City of the last Vietnamese dynasty, former imperial capital, a great place to visit….
5 The Ancient Town in the central of Vietnam, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site…
Hoi an
6 Next to the Hoi An Ancient Town, a beautiful beach city. Be here and enjoy the best beaches…
Da nang
7 Further to the south, with incredible beaches…
Nha Trang
8 The Cham Temples have been famous attractions for ages. They still have the same charm…
Yo Nagar Temples
9 The largest city of Vietnam…
Ho Chi Minh city
10 At the furthest point to the south west of the country, on the largest island of Vietnam, including land and sea area …
Phu Quoc National Park

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10 Reasons Why You Must Travel to Vietnam with Custom Vietnam Travel

Before coming to Vietnam, my perception of the country was completely different. Vietnam is not often in the news, and doing a google search of the country mostly brings up various sources pertaining to the American-Vietnam war. Through my travels, the country has pleasantly surprised me. Here are 10 reasons that stood out as to why you should travel to Vietnam!

Continue reading

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5 free things: Vietnam’s capital is a city of beauty

At first glance, Hanoi is a hornet’s nest of motorbikes swarming Vietnam’s capital city. But look beyond the sea of roaring engines and beeping horns and a land of old-world Asian charm awaits, with wide tree-lined streets shading old French colonial-style villas.

Vietnam remains very cheap by Western standards, so it’s possible to grab a big steaming bowl of pho — a brothy, aromatic beef or chicken noodle soup that serves as the country’s staple dish — off a sidewalk cauldron for the price of a cup of coffee.

Still, in a city dotted with sleepy lakes and Buddhist temples where much of life is lived on the street, some of the best experiences truly are free. Here’s five picks:

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The Royal Refined Music of Hue

On 7th, November 2003, the Royal Refined Vietnam has ever Music was proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the first title of this kind received

The UNESCO Council appraised Vietnamese royal music in the following terms: “Vietnamese royal music represents an elegant and refined music. It deals with the music performed in the imperial courts and on different anniversaries, religious festivals, and on such particular occasions. Of the different categories developed in Vietnam, only the royal music was national.”
Royal Refined Music Continue reading

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